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About the Pastor


Pastor Davis was born in 1975 to Joe and Donna Davis in Cleburne, TX. He got in church in 1991 at the age of 16 and was called to be minister at the age of 18. In 1996 Pastor Davis married the love of his life, LaBreeska Huneycutt, and they now have three children: Caleb, Breauna, and Aaron Davis.

Ministry of Pastor Davis

Pastor Davis believes in teaching and preaching the Word with clarity and simplicity. He backs up everything he teaches with scripture to show people that what he teaches and preaches is not his theory or doctrine, but is strictly what the Bible teaches.

He encourages his congregation to worship and express their praise both emotionally and physically. Pastor Davis also believes in prayer and divine healing. Saints at Solid Rock Holiness Church have been healed of sickness, fever, allergies, back aches, torn rotator cuffs and numerous other ailments under his ministry.

Most of all, Pastor Davis is a kind and caring man. He listens to what others have to say and helps them through the situations they face to the best of his ability and with lots of prayer.

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